About Ozone Water System


Chemical Free Ozone Water System

By ECONOWATT The Professional Energy Saving Provider

ECONOWATT provided the rst closed loop feedback control ozone system with the 80% gas-into-water mixing efficiency. On giving the same result, ECONOWATT OZONE WATER SYSTEM is 70% lower in weight, 33% less electrical consumption, 2.8 times smaller in size and 90% less pipe than the conventional ozone system.





Ozone (O3) is an unstable gas formed by combining three atoms of oxygen. Ozone is produced when di- oxygen module (O2) are split into two oxygen atoms (2O) and then oxygen atom combines with remaining oxygen molecule forming ozone, obviously, three atom of oxygen together combine to form ozone.



How do we produce ozone?

In nature, ozone can be naturally produced from oxygen by the action of ultraviolet rays from the sun appearing in stratosphere and by lightning during thunderstorm. Nowadays, ozone is commercially produced by copying the phenomenon in high voltage system called “Corona Discharge” where oxygen molecules around conductor of high voltage system are broken to be oxygen atoms by high electrical eld density. Consequently, ozone is created by combination of oxygen molecules and atoms.



    ECONOWATT Ozone Water System is safe for the operators since it is only 5% unmixed gas. Accordingly, it is not necessary to contain the off- gas tank. ECONOWATT Ozone Water System can be added on the side stream water and easily adjust the dissolved ozone output with MPCU controller program. The system is design for water capacity starting from 1 cubic meter per hour to 80 cubic meters per hour.


    ECONOWATT’s ozone can eliminate chlorine unlike other which required a mix usage of chlorine and ozone. This gives swimmers with the non chlorine-scent, no irritates the eyes and respiratory system. There will
    be no stable compounds formed in the pool and 50% saving of water refreshment can be achieved.


    Ozone mixing ratio is most important when use in food processing. More or less ozone can cause damage to the product. ECONOWATT’s ozone is easily to be adjusted the mixing ratio between ozone sub-stream and main line water. ECONOWATT’s ozone can be adjusted from outside

    by controlled analog input through our feedback control terminal. In many cases where reference ozone dose in water has to be done appropriately, our sensor can sense signal back to the MPCU and adjust the mixing amount of ozone in water automatically to that value.


    Experience has shown that ozone can reduce BOD more than 85%
    with the cost of 50% less than the aeration waste water treatment. ECONOWATT Ozone Water System can apply for Zero discharge program in resort and hotel. Ozone can remove color and odor in nal state treatment. Our ozone system can treat two different water sources by time sharing and can send on-line data parameters for better monitoring.


    When using ECONOWATT Ozone Water System in cooling tower user can bene t from water saving by reduction of blow-down
    water, electricity saving by operating chiller with clean condenser,
    low maintenance cost from cleaning of condenser, basin and lling, production loss reduction during maintenance. Moreover, the ozone generator will cause the biological control mitigating scale & slime and mold, no chemical storage and hazardous material reduction from ozone oxidation, corrosion reduction from bio- lm, mitigating virus and Legionella bacteria.


Non-chemical  • Environment-friendly  • Reduce electricity and water cost •

Kills bacteria, biofilm, virus and legionella • Disinfect, deodorize & decolorize •

Improves chiller efficiency by scale mitigation



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